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your joints, nurtured by nature. 360º coverage for your 360 joints.

what is bend?

BEND is a nutrition supplement that focuses on your joints, differently. Our Scientific Advisory Board has handpicked each ingredient within BEND to create a synergistic blend of inflammation-inhibitors, 
cartilage-builders, and 
tendon-supporters. This joint-aiding supplement won’t just cover up your issues, it’ll address them, head-on.

how does bend help your body?

Each ingredient in BEND has its own role to play. The Black Cumin seed addresses and reduces your joints’ inflammation, while Turmeric focuses on rebuilding and strengthening your cartilage. Other nutrients work to fuel and nourish your cells, fighting oxidation and reducing environmental stress to ensure your joints feel great and perform youthfully. 

supports healthy gene signaling

supports the formation of healthy cartilage

supports healthy joints

powerful antioxidant properties

contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones


key ingredients

glucosamine sulfate: A natural compound that supports the formation of cartilage, keeping joints healthy.

nutrition your joints can hinge on.

flaxseed: Contains fatty acids and a powerful antioxidant profile that give your body what it needs to support healthy joints and relieve minor muscle pain. 

black cumin seed oil: Known for its healthful properties, as well as its antioxidant profile, black cumin seed oil acts as one of the powerful, key ingredients in Bend.

always bend so you never break.

curcumin: An ancient herb that has been extensively studied in modern science for its healthful benefits. It works with your body to support healthy joint function.

levagen: Though not widely known, levagen has been clinically proven to support healthy bodily functions. It has become a trademark name in the ingredient decks of many health company’s products. 

for more ingredient information, see our site. 

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