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unparalleled immune power. unmatched cellular protection

boosts immune power and response

increases overall wellbeing

combats aging,degeneration, and inflammation 

fights oxidation and free radial damage

what is viv3?

viv3 is a super-charged, 
naturally-sourced vitamin D supplement. This incredibly conscientious supplement combines powerful vitamins with immune-boosting properties, all in a delicious flavor to deliver a better way to stay healthy.

how does viv3 help your body?

Our Vitamin D3 supplement acts as, first and foremost, and immune-booster. It provides your immune system with the nutrients and power it needs to act and react whenever threats enter your body. Additionally, we’ve combined other ingredients to fight oxidation, increase other vitamin levels within the body, and provide fatty acids and other life-boosting nutrients for your cells.

The bottom line: this helps your cells fight, allowing your body to function healthily and consistently.

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key ingredients

vitamin d3 oil: A powerful ingredient which helps regulates calcium and phosphate within
the body. It’s an essential component of building strong bones, teeth, and muscles. A lack of vitamin D3 can bring on complications, while a healthy dose of this vitamin can enhance and improve your body’s functions.

vitamin e: A key component that improves the health of your skin, eyes, and immune
system. Its antioxidant-heavy properties help protect your cells as they regenerate and regulate your body.

tomato seed oil: A rich source of essential fatty acids that your body needs to function
healthily and properly. Although it is widely used as a topical applicant, we’ve found its
widespread benefits for internal use are a perfect addition to this ingredient deck.

fighting illness one drop at a time.

sea buckthorn oil: Naturally boosts your immune system while protecting against aging, oxidative damage, and more. This tiny berry’s seeds can pack a powerful punch.

organic citrus extract: Not only improves flavoring, but also the wonderful vitamin benefits of citrus.

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