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a heart-healthy, super supplement. 2oz of dna-supporters.

what is pure?

PURE is an all-powerful probiotic and prebiotic. What’s a probiotic? Probiotics are good bacteria that improve your stomach’s overall health, digestive capabilities, and inflammation levels. Because of poor eating choices, environmental factors, and aging, your probiotic levels can diminish, decreasing your gut health and overall wellbeing.

Our Scientific Advisory Board formulated PURE with this in mind. Each serving has prebiotics to feed our proprietary probiotic blend, making it more effective and powerful. Additionally, they’ve added seed-based ingredients to reduce inflammation and improve overall wellness. 

how does pure help your body?

PURE puts back into your body what environmental factors and processed foods take away. Our probiotic works to aid digestion, decrease stomach bloat, and increase nutrient absorption. Additionally, the seed-based ingredients within PURE go to work to decrease stomach inflammation which occurs from poor diet choices. As the inflammation decreases, your ability to absorb nutrients increases, and your overall health and wellness improve.

Your entire body is connected. Typically, a bad back can be set off by tight hips or hamstrings. Similarly, your overall wellbeing is tied to your gut. As you improve your gut health through proper nutrient and probiotic supplementation, you’ll begin to feel on overall sense of calmness, clarity, and happiness, which are benefits you can’t live without. 

increased nutrient absorption

improved gut flora

decreased bloating

decreased inflammation in gut

aids digestion

promotes overall wellbeing


key ingredients

pumpkin seed oil: Renown for its fatty acid, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory profile, pumpkin seed oil benefits each part of the body. We’ve specially added it as a natural powerhouse and gentle helper to support and soothe your stomach. 

watermelon seed oil: Watermelon Seed Oil provides antioxidant properties, specifically to help your stomach’s cells fight off oxidation. Combine that with its high-in-fiber properties and fatty acid profile and this oil is a perfect addition to Pure’s ingredient deck.

flaxseed oil: Fibrous, high in omega-3 fatty acids, and an inflammation reducer, flaxseed oil acts as a powerful addition that supports a calm, well-functioning stomach. 

prebiotic profile: We’ve combined a dense profile of prebiotics, specifically included to feed Pure’s probiotics. Prebiotics act as natural fuel, making each ingredient that much more effective. 

probiotic profile: A complex combination of naturally-sourced bacteria. Designed to aid digestion, decrease stomach inflammation, and promote overall good health. Our Scientific Advisory Board has included a wealth of healthy bacteria in our patented live cell blend. 

inulin: Found in plants, inulin acts as a fibrous prebiotic. Its unique, short-chained fatty acid profile allows it to pass through the small intestine and into the lower gut, feeding and fueling Pure’s probiotics.

for more ingredient information, see our site. 

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