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a clean body works better

detoxifies liver & kidneys

removes internal impurities 

protects against environmental threats

promotes cellular turnover

supports healthy liver function

offers robust, antioxidant protection

what is renu?

RENU is our all-natural, daily detoxifier. Each day, your body is exposed to countless environmental threats, toxins, and impurities that come from unhealthy foods, pollution, and waste. These threats incapacitate your body’s vital functions and minimize its ability to thrive. So, we created RENU with a synergistic blend of ingredients that work to rid your body of these harmful toxins, naturally, and support your body’s most crucial functions.

how does renu help your body?

RENU’s primary focus is to rid your body of toxins and environmental threats. It does this naturally, using activated charcoal, dandelion, and other powerful ingredients. Then, it goes to work supporting liver, kidney, and other organ function with specified nutrients and aminos. Additionally, we’ve packed RENU with antioxidants and healthy fats to support your cells and promote healthy turnover. When used daily, RENU will leave you feeling clean, healthy and energized. 


key ingredients

detox better. live better.

CoQ10: This antioxidant is produced naturally in the human body, but its production slows as you age. Reintroducing this nutrient increases energy levels, supports healthy organ function, and energizes cellular duplication.

n-acetyl  cysteine : Helps with detoxification to prevent or diminish kidney and liver damage. 

l-glutathione:  An antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress. It not only reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, but improves insulin resistance in older individuals.

activated charcoal : An all-natural purifier that attracts impurities and toxins, expelling them from the body. Activated Charcoal has also been proven to improve kidney function and health, as well as improve skin health.

dandelion (leaf and root): A powerful, natural detoxifier that works to cleanse the liver and support organ function.

chia seed: Full of healthy fats, omegas, and antioxidants, Chia Seed oil acts as a powerful, cellular supporter. 

for more ingredient information, see our site. 

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